Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SEN Summer Newsletter

Dear experimentalists,

Wishing plentiful, efficient, and accurate data collection for those of you in the laboratory this summer.

Here is a list of opportunities that you won't want to miss!
  • SEN AGU Grant Competition
  • AGU and GSA Sessions of Interest
  • Recent and Upcoming Workshops and Meetings
  • New Resources

SEN AGU Grant Competition

The Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) is sponsoring a data-sharing contest for graduate students and early career scientists who feel passionate about making their data public. The top three winners will be awarded travel grants in the amount of $1000 for use towards the 2015 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting.

AGU and GSA sessions of interest

AGU: EP015: Experimental Studies in Surface Processes

Session Description: Physical experiments are a useful tool for studying and simplifying the complex natural systems we seek to understand. Experiments allow us to isolate individual variables ranging from grain scale to landscape scale that are often difficult or impossible to measure in the field. Experiments are often scaled to natural landscapes using system characteristic dimensionless numbers. However, many scientists have been able to reproduce natural phenomena without rigorous dynamical scaling. This session aims to represent experimental studies in surface processes across all temporal and spatial scales. We especially encourage submissions that emphasize improvements on understanding experimental scaling and linking experiments to natural systems and numerical models.

Conveners: Anastasia Piliouras; Kimberly Litwin Miller, John B Shaw, Kyle M Straub

AGU and GSA sessions organized by the EarthCube Outreach team

Recent and Upcoming Workshops and Meetings

Photos from the Mixed Sediment Modelling Workshop

In late May, the workshop on Modelling Mixed-Sediment River Morphodynamics took place in Delft, the Netherlands. See a photo album from the talks and experiments here.

Binghamton Symposium: Laboratory Experiments in Geomorphology

The 46th Annual Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium will take place on Friday, September 18 to Sunday, September 20, 2015 in Buffalo, NY, with the theme of Laboratory Experiments in Geomorphology. 

All are encouraged to bring a poster to share their work. Poster abstracts due on August 1.

See the second circular and more information at https://www.ubevents.org/event/bgs46.

New Resources

New experimental data description template

SEN has published a recommended experimental data description template in the paper Data management, sharing, and reuse in experimental geomorphology: Challenges, strategies, and scientific opportunities (2015, Geomorphology, Hsu, Martin, McElroy, Litwin-Miller, Kim). 

We are looking for feedback on the proposed template and any suggestions or comments. sedimentexp@gmail.com

Also check out the other articles in the Special Issue on Laboratory Experiments in Geomorphology.

A new interface to browse sediment dynamics models

Need a model for exploring your sediment-related research question? A large collection of community-contributed surface dynamics models reside in the CSDMS model repository. When was the last time you browsed it?

The EarthCube GeoSoft project has built a new interface that allows you to quickly search and compare CSDMS models.

Read more at New interface to browse sediment dynamics models

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