Monday, November 27, 2017

Featured Knowledge Base Entries: December 2017

Here are some featured recent entries to the SEN Knowledge Base (

1) Data:  Tulane Delta Basin Series, Y Wang, L Yu, Q Li, and K Straub

2) Method: Titan Experiment for Influence of Ice Composition on Tensile Strength and Erosion Rates on Titan, K Litwin Miller

Post entries to the Knowledge Base at and see your entry featured next time!

SEN at AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

If you are attending the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting, here are some SEN-related events you should check out:

  • EarthCube Town Hall (Wednesday, December 13)
  • Experimental Session: Physical Experiments of Earth Surface Processes: Novel Results and Advances in Methods, Instrumentation, and Data Handling (Friday, December 15)
  • EarthCube booth located in exhibit hall booth 1633

Look forward to seeing you all in the Big Easy!