Friday, July 13, 2012

AGU 2012 Session - EP002 Advances in Experimental Earth Surface Processes

Dear colleagues,

We encourage you to participate in our AGU session, "EP002 Advances in Experimental Earth Surface Processes." In addition to highlighting exciting new physical experiments and methods, we will use this session will spur community conversations about collecting, sharing, and archiving experimental data and tools, and building collaborations between experimentalists, modelers, and theoreticians.

Invited Speakers:
Leonard Sklar (San Francisco State University)
Stephen DeLong (Biosphere 2)
Jorge Abad (University of Pittsburgh)
Alessandro Cantelli (Shell Oil)

Physical experiments designed to clarify mechanisms and rates of Earth's surface evolution have contributed much to our understanding of Earth science. By highlighting recent progress, including new methods and techniques, we seek to create a venue to coalesce the community around current opportunities to share and develop resources for experimental science. Presentations and posters are sought from the wide range of surface process experiments where material transport plays a central role, especially those that integrate new and old datasets, use novel techniques for observations and data collection, develop reusable tools to analyze or share large datasets, or require cross-disciplinary communication.

Leslie Hsu,
Wonsuck Kim,
Brandon McElroy,