Monday, January 27, 2014

SEN January 2014 News

Dear Sediment Experimentalists,

The new year and new semester are in full swing. Take a look at some of our new resources and join the discussion listserv so we can start some Q&A about experiment and data management procedures.

Sedimentary Record Articles: SEN’s motivation and early activities are summarized in an article in the recent December 2013 issue of The Sedimentary Record. The issue also has a experimentally-relevant piece on NCED2. Click to read the article...

Visit the new SEN EarthCube Workspace: SEN is funded partially through the NSF EarthCube initiative and we have a SEN page on the EarthCube workspace to show our activities. You can see descriptions of other funded EarthCube projects at

We need SEN Knowledge Base Testers: We’re working to get out the first beta version of the Knowledge base and have been testing it with the SEN Fusion Table entries. If you would like to be a beta tester, contact us at

Join the SEN Listserv: Have a question about experimental procedures or data management and don’t know who to ask? Join our listserv for active discussions on topics for sediment experimentalists. We expect more email traffic on this list than on the newsletter mailing list, so we’ll let you to opt in. The address to post to the list is
Register at: