Monday, May 26, 2014

Sediment Experimentalist Network:SEN this Summer

Dear Sediment Experimentalists,

It’s almost summer, and almost the one year anniversary of SEN. Sediment Experimentalist Network officially started on August 1, 2013. In this newsletter we review what’s happened this past year and what’s coming up, including some goals before we get to the one year anniversary. Make SEN part of your summer!

1. Year 1 Activities and Report
2. How you can participate this summer
3. Experimental Collaboratories
4. What’s new with EarthCube

wordle from our community-created SEN sediment resource list

1. Year 1 Activities and Report
We held a virtual meeting of our steering committee in April, you can view our Year 1 Report slides, which review our workshops and resources, and give a preview of our future activities.

2. How you can participate this summer
SEN will be active this summer recruiting content for our shared resources, and aiming to hit our goals before the August 1 anniversary. Contact us at if you have some time this summer (anything from 15 minutes to days) and want to learn how to help.

  • Sediment and Instrument Resource List: We (and that means you, our readers) have compiled 33 vendors for sediment and 28 vendors for instruments -- take a look, add your own resources, and share with your lab mates. We want to grow this list before our 1 year anniversary.
  • SEN Data Catalog:  *Now open for beta-testers*, check it out as a way to promote your research and/or fulfill that data management plan requirement. Contact us with any questions.
  • SEN Wiki for Experiments:  Want to find an instrument that will work for your experimental method, see how others have tackled a problem, or just see what new research is happening? The SEN Wiki is now open and we need contributors. Contact us with any questions.
  • Forward this email to a colleague and tell them to join on our SEN sign-up page.

3. Experimental Collaboratories
SEN-EC, Experimental Collaboratories, has kicked off with University of Texas, Austin, and University of Wyoming sharing a live-streamed experiment. We'll be growing the network of labs with the capability to stream experiments over the lifetime of SEN, but anyone with an internet connection can always join. We will be announcing future collaboratories soon, Contact us to learn more.

4. What’s new with EarthCube
SEN is part of EarthCube and will be participating in the EarthCube All-Hands meeting, where we'll report on our network-building activities and collaborate with technical teams that are building tools to help you do your science. EarthCube is setting up its governance structure and desires your feedback, see the charter review page if you want to learn more and contribute your voice. We hope that SEN is your pathway to EarthCube - let us know any questions you have.

Coming soon:
- Answering questions about data management plans
- Describing your experiments and data for reuse
- Promoting your papers and data to your peers

Drop us a line telling us what SEN can do for you.

Happy experimenting,
The SEN Team