Friday, March 28, 2014

Sediment Experimentalist Network March 2014 News

Dear Sediment Experimentalists,

Here's the March round-up. Contact us at any time with comments or ideas.

  1. SEN Knowledge Base
  2. Sediment and Instrument Resources List
  3. Help us build our network
1. SEN Knowledge Base
The SEN Knowledge Base (SEN-KB), soon to be beta-launched (early April), is a web-based resource containing both (1) a "Data Repository" with metadata and links to datasets for experimental sedimentology research and (2) a "Wiki" with useful information about experimental setups, methods, equipment, etc.  Both are designed to grow collaboratively with user input.  We need You to be a beta tester, contact us at

Our old Fusion Table has been recast into a new Data Catalog with improved search and display capabilities.

2. Sediment and Instrument Resources List
Ever wonder where is the best place to find a certain size of sediment or a very specific instrument? Look no further.  We are compiling a resource list ( for users to share their knowledge about vendors for both typical and unusual items.  The list is open to all, please contribute!

Resources like this are built by first consulting our SEN Discussion List. The previous resource developed was a compilation of video-sharing options.

3. Help us build our Network
Do you know a Sediment Experimentalist in your lab or another that is not receiving these newsletters? Send them to the sign-up page so that they can stay informed with the latest SEN news. We need your help to grow our network, especially with new incoming graduate students who can benefit from the shared knowledge.

Happy experimenting!

Sediment Experimentalist Network