Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Experimental Stratigraphy Workshop, December 11-12, at UT Austin

We are excited to announce a workshop on Experimental Stratigraphy that will take place on December 11-12 at the University of Texas, Austin campus.

The primary goals of the workshop are
  1. to convene participants to consider grand challenges in morphodynamics, geomorphology, and stratigraphy that can be addressed using physical experiments;
  2. to identify user requirements to achieve the grand challenges in terms of accessing experimental data and advanced experimental technologies;
  3. to generate, develop, and frame innovative ideas on community standards for data and metadata related to sediment experiments; and
  4. to identify needs and explore solutions for data storage and also cyberinfrastructure needs for data dissemination.

The workshop will include a live experiment in the University of Texas Sediment Transport and Earth-surface Processes (STEP) basin.

Invited Speakers include Gary Parker, Ron Steel, Tetsuji Muto, David Mohrig, and François Métivier.

People will be able to participate in person on-site or virtually through webinars.

Breakout group discussions will contribute to a document of user needs for the U.S. NSF EarthCube effort.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

To register, contact the organizing committee at

Wonsuck Kim
Leslie Hsu
Brandon McElroy
Raleigh Martin