Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sediment Experimentalist Network July News and Tools

Dear Sediment Experimentalists,

SEN was at the EarthCube All Hands Meeting in Washington, D.C. recently, where we met participants from other Research Coordination Networks and EarthCube Building Block projects.

We are sharing a few things we discovered that may be useful to you:

  1. ESIP data management course
  2. Ten simple rules for the care and feeding of data
  3. EarthCube All Hands call to action
  4. Reminder: Data Management Plan Tools

ESIP data management course

At the Education breakout we were reminded about the ESIP Data Management Course, brought to you by Earth Science Information Partners - with downloadable modules (slides or movies) about data management topics like “Advertising your data”, “Backing up your data”, and “Building understandable spreadsheets”. These can be referenced in your data management plans.

Ten simples rules for the care and feeding of data paper 

In another EarthCube breakout session we discovered a paper with good advice on how to treat data, and give suggestions for linking data to publications, publishing code, and stating how to get credit.
Ten Simple Rules for the Care and Feeding of Scientific Data, doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003542

EarthCube All Hands call to action

EarthCube is currently soliciting any interested people to help shape the future direction of EarthCube. The viewpoint of scientists and practitioners is particularly needed. Those that participate will shape many of the decision, funding, and communication practices. Click here for more information and to express your interest in becoming a member of the Science Committee, Tech/Architecture Committee, Engagement Team, Liaisons Team, and the Leadership Council. Membership is open to all interested persons. There will be webinars on July 17 and 21 with more information. You can also email Leslie or Raleigh if you have any questions about this.

Data Management Plan Tools

For those of you preparing proposals now, we remind you of two popular Data Management Plan Tools to help you build a plan with all of the important components.

Stay in touch and always let us know how we can help.

Happy experimenting,
The SEN Team

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