Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New interface to browse sediment dynamics models

Need a model for exploring your sediment-related research question? A large collection of community-contributed surface dynamics models reside in the CSDMS model repository. When was the last time you browsed it?

The EarthCube GeoSoft project has built a new interface that allows you to quickly search and compare CSDMS models. 

For example, you could search on keyword "delta," and choose to compare three models and simultaneously see their description, authors, software language, operating system, and test data. (Note: to see only CSDMS models, make sure to filter by "Publisher = CSDMS".)

GeoSoft's software comparison interface. Blue areas on the pie chart mean more information is filled out.

The site was recently released, and the GeoSoft project welcomes any feedback from the SEN community. How else would you like to search for and learn about models? You can email sedimentexp@gmail.com or the PI of GeoSoft, Yolanda Gil, at gil@isi.edu with any comments. 

GeoSoft is also developing easy methods for investigators to Publish software, using the OntoSoft vocabulary. (If you are very geeky you may enjoy exploring the documentation.)

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  • GeoSoft Training (Documenting Software, Making Software Executable by Others, etc.)
With the help of projects like GeoSoft, we can all look forward to an easier path to making our scripts and software available for reuse and citation. This means more time for experiments in the lab!

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