Saturday, January 31, 2015

Live Broadcast of Delta Experiments at UWyo!

Join the experiment at the University of Wyoming.  Delta experiments run by John Shaw, Brandon McElroy, and Kim Miler will be broadcast today from 1:00 pm EST to 3:00 am EST.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Live broadcast of delta experiments today!

Today, a group at University of Wyoming is going to be streaming live video of delta experiments via YouTube Live.

They will be starting ~noon EST (about an hour!)

The link to experiments:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

SEN January News: Photos from around SEN, Citing Software, and Data Management Plans

  • Share photos of your experiments
  • Workshop Report Posted
  • Town Hall Summary
  • Overview Presentation about SEN on February 3
  • Data Management Plans
  • Making your Code Citable

Share photos of your experiments

It's fun to see experiments from different labs. If you share an experimental photo with us via Twitter @sedimentexp or email, we'll share it with the SEN community on our Twitter feed!
You can see recent photos here.

Workshop Report Posted

We've posted the workshop report for SEN Going Dutch: Exploring the Life Cycle of Sedimentary Experiments. At the workshop, we collected data in a community experiment, listened to keynote talks, and initiated working groups for our three project components of SEN Knowledge Base, SEN Education & Standards, and SEN Experimental Collaboratories.
You can access the workshop report from this blog post.

Town Hall Summary

In December we held a gathering at the AGU Fall Meeting so that investigators could voice their challenges and concerns about publishing and sharing data.
You can access the Town Hall Summary from this blog post.

Overview Presentation about SEN on February 3

SEN will give a presentation summarizing our activities and connections within EarthCube on Tuesday, February 3rd, in the EarthCube C4P Webinar Series. The webinar is from 3-4p EST and there will be two presentations, both from EarthCube Research Coordination Networks.

Matty Mookerjee (Sonoma State) will present on EC3: Earth Centered Communication for Cyberinfrastructure - Challenges of Field Data Collection, Management, and Integration, and Leslie Hsu (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) will present on SEN: Building a Sediment Experimentalist Network.
More information here.

Data Management Plans

Have you recently submitted a data management plan for a proposal on sediment experiments? Are you still wondering what constitutes a successful plan? One of our most common requests is to see example data management plans for experimental investigations. We'd like to collect a few more plans to annotate before posting a SEN Data Management Plan FAQ. If you are willing to share your plan as an example, or have specific questions about data management plans, send them our way at

Making your code citable

SEN is at a software and data citation workshop this week, learning lots of new things. Want to make your code citable so that others can give you credit for your work? It's possible using GitHub:

SEN Town Hall on Publishing and Sharing Earth Surface Process Data

We've posted notes from the Town Hall meeting at AGU: Publishing and Sharing Earth Surface Process Data. Thanks to all who contributed!

By collecting your and documenting your ideas, we hope to find solutions to the challenges we face in productively sharing and publishing our laboratory data and methods.

View the Town Hall Report

Saturday, January 24, 2015

SEN Utrecht Workshop Report: Exploring the Life Cycle of Sedimentary Experiments

We posted the report from our 2014 workshop at Utrech University: SEN Going Dutch: Exploring the Life Cycle of Sedimentary Experiments.

At the workshop, we initiated working groups for SEN's three main components, the Knowledge Base (SEN-KB), Education & Standards (SEN-ED), and Experimental Collaboratories (SEN-EC). You can view notes from these working group discussions are in the report.

The workshop was a venue for sharing tips on experiment set-up, data collection and management, and expressing critical needs for better curation and archival of data and methods. We look forward to hearing more from the wider SEN community and working to meet these needs through partnerships with other projects.

Access the report on the EarthCube website