Saturday, February 16, 2013

STEP community experiment December 2012

On December 11, 2012, as part of the EarthCube Experimental Stratigraphy Workshop, a community experiment was run in the STEP Basin at University of Texas. Austin. In the experiment, a delta was built into standing water as coarse sediment, fine sediment, and water were fed into the basin. The experiment ran for 8 hours, and the sediment flux, water flux, and basin subsidence were varied as pre-specified by workshop participants. After the experiment, the basin was drained and vertical slices were taken and photographed in order to see the internal stratigraphy of the delta (movie #2 below).

In the spirit of a community experiment, data from the experiments, including control programs, deposit slice images, and topographic scans, are available for analysis in the shared workshop materials folder. Direct links to the raw data are summarized at the bottom of this post. We have also set up a Community Experiment Forum to capture ideas on how to analyze these shared data. You can contribute ideas and vote on other's suggestions. See what others are saying and add your idea!

STEP Community experiment - Overhead Movie

STEP Community experiment - Deposit Dip Slices Raw

2012 December STEP Community Experiment 2012 Google Folder

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