Saturday, February 16, 2013

Join our EarthCube group - Be informed!

Are you still confused about the entity called EarthCube? The best way to find out more is to join the EarthCube site. EarthCube has recently formed groups for all of the identified End-User communities. Since we held an EarthCube workshop in December 2012, we have a group called Experimental Stratigraphy. (Although it is named after our inaugural workshop, we plan to make the discussion more broad to encompass all Sediment Experiments.)

You are urged to sign on, join, and recruit others so that we can "provide a forum in which you can continue discussions from your workshop, post important documents (or links to your Google docs folder) and keep up the momentum generated during your workshop."

You can also check out the latest on the other groups that are active in EarthCube. This is yet another way to keep up with the multitude of opportunities available in all things data and cyberinfrastructure. It also helps to place our community on the map and draw attention to our data and cyberinfrastructure dreams.

If you haven't already, it is time to join the not-so-new experiment of Social Media:
Join the Experimental Stratigraphy Group today!

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