Friday, July 14, 2017

July Experimentalist of the Month: Elowyn Yager

July Experimentalist of the Month: 

Elowyn Yager
Associate Professor, University of Idaho

1. How did you first get involved with SEN?
I attended one of their first workshops in Austin and have been hooked on learning about data management and building a network of experimentalists!

2. What different types of experiments have you worked with?
I have mostly worked on experiments involving flow hydraulics and sediment transport, including indoor and outdoor flumes. Some of the current topics that I am investigating with students and collaborators are the link between turbulence and the onset of sediment transport, the mechanics of grain resistance to movement, and vegetation impacts on flow and sedimentation.

3. What is a favorite memory of yours in the lab? 
Building my first flume and actually seeing sediment transport in action despite the flume being held together largely by duct tape, silicone caulk and epoxy.

4. What do you hope SEN will help the experimental community to achieve?
I think SEN will bring mechanisms for data sharing and management to the community as well as facilitate broader communication about experimental techniques and collaborations between experimentalists.

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