Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Dear Experimentalists,

We have a few important events and updates we want to let you know about.

Here is a summary of the items in this newsletter:
      1.     Joint CSDMS/SEN Meeting Summary
      2.     Future of SEN
      3.     Updates to SEN Knowledge Base
      4.     Upcoming SEN Events

1.  Joint CSDMS/SEN Meeting Summary
This year SEN cohosted the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System’s (CSDMS) annual meeting held on May 17-19th, 2016 in Boulder, Colorado, with over 120 people in attendance.  SEN’s own Wonsuck Kim presented a keynote talk about “Overcoming Grand Challenges by Collaboration between Experimentalists and Modelers.”   SEN also hosted a clinic to demonstrate the experimental data lifecycle and promote experimentalist-modeler collaboration through the use of the Knowledge Base.  Through this clinic we were able to obtain community feedback on the Knowledge Base site (, which we have already started to implement (see section 3 of newsletter for more details).

Please check out the photo album from the meeting.

2.  Future of SEN
We are excited to announce that SEN will officially continue through July 2017 and we are looking for ideas of what we should do in the coming year and into the extended future.  Please send ideas and feedback to

3.  Updates to SEN Knowledge Base
Based on the feedback we collected during the CSDMS Meeting, we have made a lot of exciting improvements to the SEN Knowledge Base (  Here are a few of the highlights:
·      Improved search functionality
·      Added information defining entry types (
·      Improved workflow for creating entry process

We encourage you check out these updates and post entries on your experiments!

4.  Upcoming SEN Events
SEN has many exciting events planned for Summer 2016.

SEN will be presenting at this year’s NCED’s Summer Institute on Earth Surface Dynamics being held August 11-22 at University of Minnesota.  The institute is “designed to engage young scientists [by] integrating theory, laboratory experiments, numerical modeling, and fieldwork.”  Raleigh Martin will be representing SEN by presenting a lecture and leading an interactive group activity on best data management practices.

EarthCube All Hands Meeting
EarthCube is hosting its annual All Hands meeting on July 6th through 8th in Denver, Colorado.  SEN will be in attendance to update the community on our progress and to connect with other EarthCube funded projects.

More Live Experiments
SEN will be broadcasting more live experiments.  Please stay tuned to the SEN twitter account (@sedimentexp) and the blog for updates and links to live feeds.  If you are interested in broadcasting your experiments, please email us ( and we can help you get set up.

For up to date information about SEN, please check out our blog at and follow us on Twitter (@sedimentexp).

Happy experimenting,
The Sediment Experimentalist Network

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