Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Summer Institute on Earth-surface Dynamics accepting applications

SIESD 2015: Summer in the Swamp: Self-organization in landscapes and its residue in the stratigraphic record

Dates: July 27-August 5th, 2015
Location: Tulane University

2015 Application (deadline May 15th, 2015, first-come, first-served)

This year's theme maintains our current focus on linking surface processes and subsurface records, but with a new flavor: it is field-centric and will be hosted at Tulane University to take advantage of the unique and fascinating Mississippi River Delta. The aims for 2015 are to develop a basic working knowledge of analysis tools that can help us make sense of complex surface systems and their depositional records, and begin to make predictions in both realms. We will focus on building connections: between surface and subsurface, between field and laboratory, and among physical biological and geochecmial processes. SIESD will combine classical methods of process analysis, measurement and predication with methods related to emerging ideas in areas such as reduced complexity, modeling, network analysis, pattern formation, and geostatistics. Students will participate in taught class-room sessions, hands-on work with computational tools, field work, and physical experiments that the course participants will help design and run.

Participant costs (enrollment, accommodations, breakfast and lunch on teaching days, and a few dinners) are supported by NCED2. However, applicants are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from New Orleans, Louisana, for meals not specified above, and all other incidental expenses.

If you have questions, please email Anjali Fernandes at

2015 Application (deadline May 15th, 2015, first-come, first-served)

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