Saturday, January 24, 2015

SEN Utrecht Workshop Report: Exploring the Life Cycle of Sedimentary Experiments

We posted the report from our 2014 workshop at Utrech University: SEN Going Dutch: Exploring the Life Cycle of Sedimentary Experiments.

At the workshop, we initiated working groups for SEN's three main components, the Knowledge Base (SEN-KB), Education & Standards (SEN-ED), and Experimental Collaboratories (SEN-EC). You can view notes from these working group discussions are in the report.

The workshop was a venue for sharing tips on experiment set-up, data collection and management, and expressing critical needs for better curation and archival of data and methods. We look forward to hearing more from the wider SEN community and working to meet these needs through partnerships with other projects.

Access the report on the EarthCube website

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