Monday, October 20, 2014

SEN Workshop 2 at Utrecht University

Dear SEN community,

We are excited about our upcoming Sediment Experimentalists Network (SEN) workshop at Utrecht University: “Experimentalists going Dutch: Exploring the life-cycle of sedimentary experiments,” on November 4-7, 2014. We are particularly grateful to Joris Eggenhuisen and his staff for hosting this event and putting together an interesting program of discussions, talks, and community experiments.

If you will not be participating on-site in the workshop, that’s OK! We will be performing community experiments on delta formation and encourage off-site participants to provide input on how we will run these experiments, to view the experiments as they are running, and then to participate in community data analysis following the workshop. Furthermore, we invite off-site participants to join workshop discussions on data management, laboratory methods, and the experimental life-cycle. Please check our website on the EarthCube workspace for up-to-date information on these activities.

To ensure that off-site participants are not left out of any of the fun, please complete this brief Google Docs form to be added to our participant list for the event. Please note time differences! (UK: -1 hour, US East: -6 hours, US Central: -7 hours, US Mountain: -8 hours, US Pacific: -9 hours, Japan: +8 hours)

Below are some details on the community experiments and conference agenda. In particular, see the link below to submit your recommendations

  1. Community experiment: The centerpiece of our conference will be a community experiment on delta formation and stratigraphy in the laboratory of Joris Eggenhuisen at Utrecht University. We encourage you to review the description of the community experiments here. Variables for the community experiments will be proposed by participants! Please submit your recommendations for the community experiment by Google Docs here, by Friday, Oct. 24. 
  2. Workshop agenda: Each day of the main workshop (Tues-Thurs) will be built around a theme for the sediment experimental lifecycle and will include presentations by keynote speakers, observation and analysis of community experiments, and discussion of data management practices. On Friday, we will then be convening focused discussions to help push SEN projects forward through the upcoming year. You can view the draft workshop agenda here.

Best Regards,

Raleigh Martin, Kim Miller, Leslie Hsu, Wonsuck Kim, and Brandon McElroy

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